kids epipen waterproof insulated holders Kids WaistPal
water proof epi pen pouch
first aid kits pouch
LegBuddy & WaistPal

school kids.
  •  easy to put on and take off.
  • comfortable for wearing all day
  • allows kids to discreetly carry them under their
  • prominently displayed medial alert symbol  in
    color red helps others know where their
    emergency medicines are.
  • made of durable but soft water resistant  and fire
    retardant neoprene materials.

Food allergy experts and Doctors strongly recommend
that all Kids with severe allergies and asthma start
carrying their auto injectors and or inhalers as soon as
they enter school

At what age? Age depends on the maturity of the child
but many parents and schools have adopted the idea
and students have proven that they can get used to  
carrying them as soon as they enter elementary school.  

Important:  Getting a carrier that is easy to put on and
take off and that can be worn comfortably and discreetly
has proven to best carriers for helping kids and teens
develop the habit of self carrying their Epi pens, and that
help them also stay away from bullies. Why? because
walking aroung with a big fanny pack when you are in
fourth grade with a big sign that says " I have food
allergies" is just another excuse for "bullies" at school to
start picking at you.

kids epipen holder summercamp
LegBuddy in size XS
epipen case insulated waterproof waistpal
waist circumference 20 to 32 fit
up to 38 inches.
LegBuddy Techno Black
WaistPal holds two epipen or
auviq. One in each pocket. Front
and back tight pockets eliminates