If you suffer from seasonal allergies:
  • stay indoors when the pollen count
    is high  take steps to prevent
    pollen from getting into the house  
  • keep yourself and your clothes as
    free from the allergen as possible
  • avoid drying your clothes
    outside during high pollen
    times especially early morning
    and early evening
  • avoid having flowers with so-
    called ‘hairy stems’ in the
    house, such as geraniums or

If you suffer from other allergies:
  • stay away from furred and
    feathered pets
  • keep the house free of dust mites,
    mould and spores
  • reduce the risk of dust mites

How to reduce the risk of dust mites:
  • less is more in your bedroom,take
    out decorative pillows, stuff
    animals area rugs, fabric covered
  • cover your mattress and pillows
    with  anti-allergy covers f
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