Not  a single epinephrine auto injectors carrier is suitable for all life
activities. For this reason,  when buying clothing make sure to always
keep in mind if you have a carrier that will work with the new outfit, if
not, look for one before you put the new items in your closet.

Comments from customers who have bought OmaxCare
Is all my child wanted for his birthday!
After seeing another student  wearing the waistpal , my son told us
that all he wanted for his birthday was for us to get him one.  He is
only five years of age and it gave us a lot of peace of mind to know
that he wants to self carry his epipen.
Forever grateful

Ben and Chris
Boston MA

Great for coaches!
I am a school administrator that bought several WaistBuddy for the
coaches to carry students emergency medicines and they all
welcome it with open hands. Now all the teachers are asking for one.
Convenient, great quality and nice looking.
Ms. Silvia
Ft Lauderdale FL

My 8 year old wears it all the time!
My 8 year old son wore the same legbuddy all year long-everyday-,
it's the only thing he will wear to hld his auvi-Q. I'm so thankful for your
product. It hed up inall types of weather and not I'm ordering 2 more :)

Jenifer T.
Wilmette IL
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