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first aid kits pouch

Our most popular products are the soft body
wear pouches that were especially designed
for kids and teens to go to school and play
  • Both the leg and waist pouches are very
    easy to put on and take off
  • Many children with autism and learning
    disabilities like wearing it.
  • The picture on the left where the child is
    wearing the leg pouch facing forward with
    withe socks on was sent to us by the
    mother of a child with autism.
  • The child prefers to wear it facing forward
    which is actually quite comfortable.

Medical community and health experts  
strongly recommend that all students with
anaphylaxis  start carrying their auto injectors
and  as soon as they enter school

Important:  Getting a carrier that they can
comfortably wear instead of a case inside of
their back pack or one that will inhibit their
ability to run and be discreet about their
allergies is a must.
An epipen carrier that they can wear on them,
like an undergarment sling and leg holster will
make it easier for them.
epipen case insulated waterproof waistpal
Back to school means getting the clothing,
shoes, sock, pants, and all the supplies
that seem to be more each year.  

Research has shown that the best place to
keep medications that are sensitive to
temperatures is next to your body. With
our body wear comfortable gear, students
can easily transport them and minimize
exposure to extreme temperatures
especially during the winter months.  
Always check prescribing information to
make sure you have the right medicine
Dosage for Kids:
Selection of the appropriate dose of
epinephrine is determined according to
patient body weight. Each Auto-Injector
contains a single dose of epinephrine and
because the doses of epinephrine delivered
from EpiPen® and EpiPen Jr® Auto-Injector
are fixed, double check to make sure the
prescriber  carefully assessed the weight of
patient to determine the most appropriate
Auvi-Q® is a trademark of Sanofi Inc. and Epipen® is a trademark of Mylan. Sanofi
facing forward epineprhine
epi pen leg
medical alert food allergy epipen