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Allergies  Interfere
A romantic night out when your spouse suffers from food allergies is not only challenging
but could be a very stressful situation for most couples.  Wanting to share a meal is not
simple at all.  Going out to enjoy a meal prepared by someone else and being vigilantly
about avoiding the offending foods doesn't take away the fear and anxiety food allergic
individuals feel every time they walk into a restaurant.

When someone with food allergies begins dating it's hard, and unfortunately it doesn't go
away even after getting married. Eating is supposed to be an easy way to spend time
together,  to share an afternoon or evening.  When you are married to someone with food
allergies, no matter how much you try, you will often feel like you are stuck with someone
whose company is unpleasant until the check comes. No danger foods for you, no kissing
if you ingested a danger food.  Airborne particles of food will also keep you on your toes.

If You Love me why did you almost killed me with your cooking?
Loves you? Yeah, that same person could be the one that has or could  accidentally  
'poison' you more than once.  The challenges this places on a relationship can't be
ignored.  The non-allergic partner has to deal with feelings of guilt even if it wasn't their
fault.  The allergic partner, of course, is dealing  not only with the discomfort of an allergic
reaction but with the fear of dying.  

Food, water and shelter are basics of life that spouses trust they will provide for each
other. But one accidentally induced food allergic reaction sends that trust out the door. It's
a challenge to make it work, but not an impossible one. Since eating  is just too stressful
look for food free dates.

Food Free Dates
Although many couples keep their relationship alive by going out to eat, not having this
luxury is not the end of the world. Here are some ideas:

Hiking:   gorgeous mountain vistas, lovely hidden breathtaking glimpse of nature.

Pool Halls and Bowling Alleys: Although many of these establishments also sell food,
you can call ahead and decide how safe it sounds for your own unique allergen. If you
focus on the game, you don't have to worry about looking awkward when you aren't eating.

Classes:  take a new class and learn a foreign language, or how to dance. These
options may be a little more expensive than going out to eat, but they're still a good way
to connect. And a lot more practical than a single meal.

More than Art Museums:  art, sex toys history, aviation, toys. Discuss how much you
like or disliked them, just like you would after a restaurant visit.

Walking: Pretend you're a tourist, look for local walking tours. You won't believe how
many new things you can discover about the town you live in.
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