Common symptoms of a severe reactions, known as
anaphylaxis or anaphylactic attack are:
difficulty breathing   mouth/throat swelling  loss of
consciousness  drop in blood pressure  hives  
diarrhea vomiting cramping, and the list goes on.

What might seem at first as a simple rash could be a
warning sign of food allergies. Because the first time
you only got a rash it doesn't mean that next time
you ingest the food you are allergic to you get the
same kind of skin rash.  The more you are exposed
to the invasive allergens the chances of having a
more severe reaction increases.

Consult your doctor immediately and ask for a food
allergies blood test even if your doctor says it's not
At what age can a child self carry their
It really depends on your kid and the level of maturity he or
she has.  Many schools, especially in Canada, require for
school age children to self carry the epinephrine auto
injectors inside a pouch or holder that they can strap on
them. Most students are four to five years of age.
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