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faster than doctors ever predicted.  In the U.S. it is estimated
that 1 in 13 children has food allergies.

The key to saving a life from a severe allergic  "anaphylactic"
reaction  is to avoid the allergens. Unfortunately, allergic
reactions could be triggered by new ingredients or foods you
didn't know you were allergic to.   For this reason, it is
extremely important to ensure food allergic individuals of all
ages self carry their epinephrine auto injectors on them at all

Epinephrine Injection
Always call 911 and seek medical attention after injecting the
epinephrine. Not because it could harm you but because
epinephrine could help control anaphylaxis allergic reactions
from escalating but might not be able to completely stop it.
Also, symptoms could come back within minutes or hours after
they seem to be disappearing.

Better safe than sorry.
As many doctors and people that suffer from anaphylaxis food
allergies will say: Using the epi injector if you don’t need it
won’t hurt you, but not using it if you need it could really put
your life at risk.

Today, having an epinephrine auto injector in every classroom
is the law in most states. Food allergies are now included in
the American Disability Act. All but 5 USA states have
approved the self carry epinephrine law. Non of these new
procedures and laws would be in place if the risk of using an
Epipen was higher than NOT using it.

Please, always be prepared in case of an allergic reaction.
Carry the epinephrine auto injectors ON you at all times. Not
inside a bag which could be misplaced or difficult to find
during an emergency, but inside an epicarrier that the can
wear or attached  to their bodies such as the LegBuddy or
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