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Traveling with food allergies
It takes a while to get used to getting out of the home
with food allergies, but with some planning and
practicing you will soon forget how difficult it felt the
first time you took a trip.

Whether you're driving or flying  to the airport, when
traveling with food allergies you or your child need to
be careful and make a plan to avoid allergens
anywhere you go.  Because the risk of exposure
increases every time you live your home make sure
you  don't forget to pack EpiPen® (epinephrine
injection) or EpiPen Jr® (epinephrine injection)

Before you  book a flight, ask your doctor  about your
risk of anaphylaxis aboard an aircraft and what are
the key precautions you can take. If your doctor says
that you're cleared for air travel, call the airline and
report your potentially life‑threatening allergies and
find out about the foods and snacks being served on
your flights.

Before going on any kind of trip  locate a hospital
near your destination, just in case.

Always Bring Your Own Food
The risk of eating foods offered by airport vendors
and by the airline is not worth it. Always pack your
own snacks for the trip, and make sure you bring
extra in case you're delayed.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
allows travelers to carry food from home onto planes
but they must be  wrapped or secured inside a

TSA regulations for medications
You may request that your EpiPen® Auto‑Injectors be
inspected visually rather than X‑rayed since the
effects of X‑rays on epinephrine are unknown. Make
sure your epinephrine auto-injectors and medications
are clearly labeled; you may want to write your name
on them as well. It's not necessary, but you may want
to also bring a note from your physician explaining
that your EpiPen® Auto Injector contains
epinephrine—a medicine for anaphylaxis.
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