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About epinephrine
Epinephrine injections are for people who have a
history of life-threatening allergic reactions
(anaphylaxis) to foods, animals and things  like
bee stings, peanuts, latex, cats, and foods such as
peanuts, nuts, milk, egg, soy, wheat, and seafood.

When diagnosed with severe allergies it is highly
recommended to consult your doctor and discuss if
your are at risk of having an anaphylaxis allergic

It is widely recommended, that you contact your
doctor and to not hesitate in asking your doctor for
a prescription to carry first aid emergency
epineprhine auto injectors such as  EpiPen® and
EpiPen Jr®.

According to National Food Allergy Guidelines,
epinephrine is the first-line treatment for
life-threatening allergic reactions.
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