Is the Epipen  better than other
epineprhine injectors?
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In the US the most prescribed and used is
the Epipen.  The AuviQ was a new smaller
auto injector devise but unfortunately after
barely two years in the market all of the units
were recalled due to possible malfunction of
the injector mechanism.  Therefore, as of
2016, the Epipen continues to be the easiest
to understand and most durable.  The most
reliable and the only one covered by
insurance companies (if you have
prescription coverage).

The Twinject is another epinephrine injector
but it is not as simple to use especially if you
want a child to carry it.

After all the controversy and news coverage
that came out in late August 2016 after
Mylan, the makers of Epipen kept increasing
the price of the medications from about $200
in 2007 to $600 in 2016 everyone is asking
the FDA to approve new devises.

As the number of individuals with food
allergies continues to increase, without a
cure in the near future, we hope to see new
epineprhine injectors.
Companies have been watching this
segment and after seeing how profitable this
segment could be, hopefully more will start
investing in new product development.  
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