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How a new fashion of "Body Wear Carriers by OmaxCare continues to grow and always trending during back to school,
vacation travel days, winter hiking,  camping seasons and summer.

  • Medicine Pouch for the purse or a backpack: Carrying the Epipen® in a purse or backpack works as long as
    you keep it on your shoulder at all times.  But as we all know, the minute you walk into a party or go visit a friend
    you end up putting the bag down on a corner chair or a table.  In an emergency can you be 100% sure that you
    can find the bag with the medicines in less than a minute? What if someone moved it and placed it somewhere else
    as it often happens?

  • Fanny Packs:  No matter how many I buy and how many styles I try, wearing a fanny pack is a great idea but for
    me it only works when I go to the park or to a place like Disney World.  They work  if you are wearing super casual
    clothing like shorts.  My husband and kid don't like to wear them, no matter how sporty looking they are because
    they don't like tucking in  their t-shirts, and if you don't  they could be quite bulky.  

  • Carrying case/pouch with clip-on hooks:  These work as long as you hook them to your belt, but having it
    hanging off your waist makes it a constant conversation piece.  Every time I hook one to the outside of a bag or on
    my waist it's like becoming a walking advertisement billboard which is OK, but sometimes you just don't want all
    conversations to be about allergies.

  • Men with Bags:  No matter how much they try, men are  not wired to carry a bag, and if they do, they usually
    don't remember where they put the EpiPen in the bag or even worse yet, where they left the bag.  
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