The easiest way to inconspicuously carry  two Epinephrine Auto-Injectors ON you at all times.

Fits up to 2 epinephrine auto  
injectors such as Epipen Twinject

Made of Soft Neoprene Material
that contours to your body for all
day comfort

Great to wear under long pants

Available in 3 sizes and
seasonal colors. Where to order:
LegBuddy holds up to two Epipens. Only Sold at and
How to carry two Epipens? LegBuddy only sold at and
LegBuddy only sold at and
Putting on LegBuddy with Two Epipens inside.  Only sold at and
Discreetly carry up to two Epipens on your Leg.  LegBuddy only sold at and
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