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Epipen belt WaistPal_ back pouch holds one Epipen Epinephrine Auto Injector only sold at ConcealedEpipen.com

  • Two compartments (front and back)

  • Carry up to 2 Epinephrine Auto Injectors

  • Made of soft water suit stretchy material
    that also protects injectors from water
    and temperature changes
Back View

  • Fully lined in the inside

  • Only one and a half inches wide

  • Innovative closures with "no plastic"
    buckles so you can freely move.
    When first told that you need to carry  
    Epinephrine  Auto - Injectors  like the
    Epipen  Twinject  some  of the  most
    difficult things to figure out are:

How  am I going to do this?

What should I use to carry them?

Where am I going to put them if I don't  
want to carry a purse or a bag?

How can I carry two Auto Injectors on
me  in a discreet matter?

Where do I put the Epipens when I am
playing sports like soccer?

Comfortably carry and conceal two Epipen's and have the peace of mind of knowing that you won't forget where they are!
Have immediate access to your emergency medicine at all times!
Epibelt WaistPal Epipen Carrier wear like a belt under your clothing. Finally you can conceal your Epipen!! Only Sold at ConcealedEpipen.com
WaistPal Design will also accommodate the New Epipen Auto-Injectors.
Front View
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Food Allergies Epipen Belt WaistPal sold by OmaxCare
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