first aid kits pouch
omaxcare image
epipen case elegant leather
case for epipens with medical id back view
epipen case rotating leather clip
medicines case waisbuddy holds epipens and insulin pens
will most likely throw it What adult wants a
childing looking Epipen bag.  

Love the WaistBuddy! Great quality. Give it
10/10 for quality and usefulness
Anthony G.

The placement of the emergency medical alert  
logo is small but sends a strong message that it
contains important life saving medications. Nice
leather, and Well Done.  
A very happy customer:)
Steve M.
Love the rotating leather covered clip on the
back. The inside Is roomy enough to hold the
two large Epipen tubes but it doesn't feel bulky.
Strong magnetic closure.
Thanks OmaxCare!
Julian P.
omaxcare image