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If you landed in this page you are probably
looking for ways to understand the
relationship, if any, between asthma and
peanut allergy. Current research efforts to
figure out what really causes food allergies
will also give us many more answers about
asthma "attacks" triggered by certain foods.

What is known today about the Link
between asthma and food allergies:
Peanut allergy can trigger asthma symptoms
that quickly escalate to anaphylaxis food
allergies. Health care community continues to
agree that if a person has food allergies and
asthma symptoms start soon after ingesting
any type of food to seek medical help and/or
use the epinephrine injectors instead of the
asthma inhaler.

It is quite difficult to decide what to do when
you are not sure if it's asthma or food
allergies, but since the number of visits to
the emergency room and fatalities continues
to increase among those who thought that it
was an asthma attack and opted to use the
inhaler instead of the epipen, more and more
doctors are recommending that children,
teens, and newly diagnosed adults to only
carry the epipen so to minimize the risks
associated with confusing anaphylaxis attack
with asthma attack.

If you suspect that certain foods are asthma triggers for
you, discuss this with your doctor right away and if you
haven't had any tests for food allergies don't wait.  
Severe reactions don't discriminate, and they don't wait
for lab tests results to come back.  
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