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Allergies  Interfere
A romantic night out when your
spouse suffers from food allergies
is not only challenging but could
be a very stressful situation for
most couples.  Wanting to share
a meal is not simple at all.  Going
out to enjoy a meal prepared by
someone else and being vigilantly
about avoiding the offending
foods doesn't take away the fear
and anxiety food allergic
individuals feel every time they
walk into a restaurant.
When someone with food
allergies begins dating it's hard,
and unfortunately it doesn't go
away even after getting married.
Eating is supposed to be an easy
way to spend time together,  to
share an afternoon or evening.  

When you are married to
someone with food allergies, no
matter how much you try, you
will often feel like you are stuck
with someone whose company is
unpleasant until the check
comes. No danger foods for you,
no kissing if you ingested a
danger food.  Airborne particles
of food will also keep you on your

If you love me why did you
try to kill me
No matter how much couples try
to support each other when it
comes to food allergies, it is quite
often the main cause of
arguments and "finger pointing"
if the non-allergic partner cooks
a meal and the other one has an
allergic reaction.
It is difficult for everyone in the
relationship, and when accidents
happen it is a natural reaction to
blame the person that you love
the most.

Don't give up if you love each
other. Is not going to be easy,
but with time, you both will get
better at it.

The good news for those without
food allergies is that if you fall in
love with someone that has a
restrictive diet, everyone in the
household will spend more time
together and best of all eat
healthy, natural home made
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