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Auvi-Q  in the US

In spring 2013 Sanofi  launched in the USA
the  Auvi-Q™ epinephrine medication
delivered in a talking devise auto injector.

Auvi-Q is the first-and-only epinephrine
auto-injector with audio and visual cues for
the emergency treatment of life-threatening
allergic reactions in people risk for or have
a history of anaphylaxis.

The size and shape of a credit card and the
thickness of a smart phone, Auvi-Q is a
breakthrough in epinephrine auto-injector
device design that talks patients and
caregivers step-by-step through the

  • Dr's recommend you carry two epinephrine
    auto injectors at all times.
  • Self carry two injectors inside secured pant
    pockets, an undergarment holder, or a
    carrier that can be attached or clip on to
    your clothing.
Food allergic reactions can rapidly
escalate and become severe in minutes.
Follow your instincts. The minute you start
asking, “should I inject myself” it probably
means you need to use it.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction which
could become fatal are different for
everyone. You may feel that your lips and
or face are swelling, shortness of breath,
burning sensation, or simply having hives.
Any symptoms that make you feel like
something is wrong means that you should
just inject the Epipen or Auvi-Q.
The key to saving a life from an
anaphylactic reaction is using the epi pen
immediately. There is no room for
hesitation! By the time a food allergic
reaction shows symptoms that are severe,
it might be too late.

Always call 911 and seek medical
attention after injecting the epinephrine.
Not because it could harm you but
because epinephrine could help control
anaphylaxis allergic reactions from
escalating but might not be able to
completely stop it. Also, symptoms could
come back within minutes or hours after
they seem to be disappearing.

As many doctors and people that suffer
from anaphylaxis food allergies will say:
Using the epi injector if you don’t need it
won’t hurt you, but not using it if you need it
could really put your life at risk.

Today, having an epinephrine auto injector
in every classroom is the law in most
states. Food allergies are now included in
the American Disability Act. All but 5 USA
states have approved the self carry
epinephrine law. Non of these new
procedures and laws would be in place if
the risk of using an Epipen was higher
than NOT using it.

Please, always be prepared in case of an
allergic reaction. Carry the epinephrine
auto injectors ON you at all times. Not in a
bag or back pack, but inside a carrier that
can be attached to your clothing or even
better your body such as the LegBuddy
and the WaistPal.
How does it compares to the Epipen?
They are both auto injectors that contain
epinephrine medication. Currently, the
EpiPen® Auto-injector is the most
prescribed treatment for severe allergic
reactions and anaphylaxis, with a market
share of more than 95%. Other
epinephrine auto-injectors, similar in
shape to EpiPen®, include Twinject®,
Adrenaclick®, and Anapen®.  Auvi-Q™
is smart phone and it also includes audio
instructions on how to use the device.
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