People with severe anaphylaxis allergies before  
having any surgery, even if its a simple out of patient
procedure, should tell their anaesthetist if the have
any severe allergies.

Clinical guidelines for medical teams continues to
change due to  the large  number of individuals now
suffering from  anapylaxis allergies

If a person has  any of the risk factors for
anaphylaxis  a potentially deadly allergic response
that can be triggered during surgery by anaesthesia
drugs, antibiotics, skin antiseptics or latex.
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Dental procedures can also trigger a severe anaphylaxis
reaction.  Remember to tell your dentist, especially if you
have allergies to latex, antibiotics.
Always carry your medications
Even when going to a doctors office or outpatient
healthcare facility, remember they don't always have your
emergency medications readily availabe.

Always make sure to take your medications with you no
matter where you go.

For carrying "must use" in case of emergency medications
and shots, body wear has been proven to be the most
reliable especially when the reaction occurs outside of the
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