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"Making it easier to self carry life saving medicines ON you at ALL times"
Should my son carry his epi's during school
The answer is simple, if your child is allergic to
any kind of foods, insects or animals and the
doctor gave you a prescription for epineprhine
auto injectors it means they should carry the
auto injectors on them at all times. Allowing
them to let their guard down while in school,

No one knows for sure how many severe food
allergy anaphylaxis reactions could have been
stopped before it was too late. What every one
seems to agree with, is that in most cases it
took too long to get injected with epinephrine.  
Unfortunately most knew about their allergies
but were not carrying the epinephrine
auto-injectors when the accidental ingestion
took place. Most USA states have adopted the
Epipen in every classroom law and even
restaurants are considering it, which is fantastic
for those that aren't aware of having
anaphylaxis allergies.  Unfortunately, this law is
also making those already diagnosed with
having anaphylaxis food allergies be less
worried about leaving the epineprhine injectors
at home.

What happens after school? When the
student gets a ride home, or stays in after
school activities?
Classrooms and nurses office do close and lock
the doors not long after school is over.  So if
your child needs to stay in school a while longer
because you are running late or wants to
participate in an after school activity unless
he/she has the epipen on them they are at risk.  

Food allergic anaphylactic reactions don't
discriminate and can happen anytime anywhere,
even when you have lived with them for a long
time never had accidental exposure to the foods
you are allergic to.

Please help your child get used to self carrying
their  Epipen's or Auvi-Q  auto injectors on
them. NOT inside a bag that could be difficult to
find during an emergency

Carrying temperature sensitive medications with
"body wear" was recently tested by Medicine
Team from Wilderness Medicine and it showe
that is works the best during extreme
temperature changes and in long winter as well
as summer travel.  

At age five kids that start wearing
an epineprhine auto-injectors holder
have a greater chance of making it
a habit. Most importantly,
it will be easier to not forget to take along their
Epipen or AuviQ with them
as they enter
the pre- teenage years

food allergyallergic reactions can be stopped with epipencarry two epipen on you
Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Carry the Epipen ON you at all times. and
Please carry life saving emergency medicine ON them for instant - immediate access at all times.
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