first aid kits pouch
auviq carriers and epipen pouches by omaxcare
epipen and epi-pen jr food allergy treatment belt
epipen belt waistpal by omaxcare for anaphylaxis allergies
epipen travel case waistbuddy
Three things you "Must Do"
when traveling with food allergies
    Before you go:  find a doctor
    and a hospital near the place
    you will be staying at.

    Locate a safe supermarket
    that sells foods you can eat.

    Pack safe snacks and foods.
    Don't trust any foods sold at
    airports, train stations or bus

    Pack a cooler and additional
    foods for your stay: Carry foods
    for travel time and also for when
    you arrive at your destination.
    Remember that travel delays are
    common and you might arrive at
    your destination when all
    supermarkets are closed.

    Carry at least two sets of
    Epipen's on you at all time. Not
    inside a bag or purse that could
    be easily misplaced.  but on you
    inside a "body wear" carrier like
    the WaistPal or Legbuddy.