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Allergy Needs, an OmaxCare family webstore,  markets
two different auto-injector carriers: the LegBuddy
concealed holster and the WaistPal waist carrier. Both
would suit athletically minded adolescents, teens or adults.

The LegBuddy, a perennial reader favorite, is an
adjustable holder that straps around your ankle and can
be worn under pants.  The case, which comes in three
sizes to fit different legs, is made of comfortable neoprene
and features a velcro attachment to provide a custom fit.
Users love that the leg case can be worn under pants, so
that children who are embarrassed by wearing a waist
pack, or adults who want to wear professional clothing,
can keep their auto-injector at hand invisibly. WaistPal,
meanwhile, fits waist circumferences of 20 to 32 inches.
Both types of cases hold two epinephrine auto-injectors.

Allergy Needs was created by a family seeking solutions to
living with multiple life-threatening medical conditions.
Omaxcare® is all about the active kid, teen and adult.  
Their options are waste bands style and leg band style.  
You have to check out their website since there is a photo
of lady using the leg band on her thigh!  I cracked up as I
had a vision of some sexy movie star whipping out her
Auvi-Q® from her thigh holster.  In reality, for an evening
out of dancing for  young lady, this might not be bad
The WaistPal undergarment waist sling was designed to
carry and conceal up to two epipens. It  is by far the best
option for kids ages 5 and over. This waist sling has
details that no adult could have thought about, all thanks
to a kid that decided to help his mom design a belt, not
so much because he wanted to carry the epipens on him,
but because he wanted to stop his mom from  following
him everywhere he went.

Designed to be worn under clothing but cool looking
enough that many kids like to wear it as a clothing
accessory. One of the most important features of the
WaistPal  is that it can be worn as an undergarment belt
and has no plastic buckles, buttons, or metal pieces that
could brake and puncture a child by accident.
Unfortunately, many parents believe in what sellers of
running belts, or fanny packs say about their products and
forget that kids will be kids and will always play rough,
fall, or get pushed while playing with friends.
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