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"Storage of Temperature Sensitive
Medications in Remote Environments"
"There is no perfect solution to temperature
management in remote environments, but with
some effort, a level of temperature stability can be
achieved.  Using epinephrine as an example, there
are several ways to work toward maintaining the
59-86 degree temperature range. Although slightly
warmer than product labels recommend, regulation
with body heat appears to be the best solution for
cold weather trips.

In mild temperatures as experienced during the
Isle Royale trip, the best storage location, per the
data received from the loggers, was the first aid
kit. However, when planning for unknown
temperatures, this study showed that body heat
provided the most consistent temperature through
a range of environmental temperatures.  In hot
weather environments, body heat storage
temperatures remained relatively consistent,
although higher than the EpiPen label recommends.
The cooling towel proved the most comfortable
option in the heat and was relatively consistent.
However, as noted in the above study, there is the
potential increased temperature if the evaporative
material gets too dry"

"There are commercially available options designed
specifically for the storage of epinephrine on the
body that would provide relative comfort while on
extended trips, including products such as the
WaistPal (
html). Temperature management is not the
outright goal of these devices, but they would offer
a comfortable, more temperature stable solution
based on the findings listed above."..
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"Nine Amazing Hacks for Allergies"

"Tote your medicine without a bag.
Every person with severe allergies knows it’s a
must to carry at least one epinephrine auto-injector
at all times. But the editors here have also heard
many excuses: “I didn’t want to carry a bag”; “I
needed my hands free”; “I left mine in my locker”.

The trouble with excuses is that they won’t do
much for you in an emergency. They also aren’t
necessary – so heave them out the window. The
fact is, whether you’re planning to play sports, go
for a job, or bust some dance moves, there are
ways to keep your auto-injector close.

For instance, it’s exactly the active situation that
Omaxcare desired durable auto-injector carriers
that strap to either the waist or the leg. These
products are perfect for times when you need ease
of movement or discretion under a pant leg. They’re
also proof once again that food allergies need not
slow anybody down."...
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Back To Classes: 5 ‘Must-Have’ Essentials For
The Food Allergy Group

1. Functional EpiPens:  Yes, that’s plural, having
at least two EpiPens with you being the safest
plan. In addition, be sure to check the expiry date
on all of your EpiPens with re-orders best placed at
least two weeks before expiry.  

2. On-Person EpiPen Holder:  The EpiPen should
be on your person, not in a bag that is left/placed
somewhere with a slower response time (whether
on your desk, in your locker or in an office...) When
the EpiPen is required, immediate use is best
accomplished with quick handover or retrieval by
companion. The waist belt or cross-body holder are
two great EpiPen carriers.  

Here is another idea for the EpiPen users: Wear
your Epi Pen!  Every person with severe allergies
knows it’s a must to carry at least one epinephrine
auto-injector at all times. But the editors here
have also heard many excuses: “I didn’t want to
carry a bag,” “I needed my hands free,” and so on.
The fact is, there are ways to keep your auto-
injector close. For instance, it’s exactly for active
situations that Omaxcare designed durable auto-
injector carriers that strap to either the leg or
waist. These products offer ease of movement or
discretion under a pant leg.

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