"Making it easy for people to have their emergency medicine on them at all times"
OmaxCare.com Making it Easy for people to have their emergency medicine on them at all times.
Unique epinephrine auto-injector carriers only sold by OmaxCare online properties.  Products in this category are often referred to as Epipen® holder, Epipen®  pouch, Epipen case.
and  Epibelt.  OmaxCare branded products have a unique design to help individuals who suffer from anaphylaxis type allergies.
Making it easier for food allergic individuals and their loved ones to carry life saving emergency medicine
ON their leg and waist for instant - immediate access at all times.
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needs to carry an insulin pen and the epineprhines.

The WaistPal will also fit small kids. For the WaistPal   measure your kids waist right above where he wears his pants and if it
measures 20 inches or more it will fit him.  

Here is link to a youtube video showing the WaistPal, and in this channel you could also see the LegBuddy.
Q. Why the waistpal has two small tight pockets instead of a large one.
Due to the length  of the Epipen's, in order to carry two injectors comfortably my son came up with the idea of placing
one pocket in the front and another on the back. Measure the waist of your son right above where the belt of his school
pants falls if it measures at leat 20 inches it will fit him.    
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Q. How do I wash the LegBuddy and the WaistPal?

A.  Do not simply pour your cleaner on the neoprene. The best thing to do is to fill up with watter the sink or a plastic
container that is big enough to submerge the item. Add mild soap and mix it thoroughly into the water before submerging  the
holder in the container.

Rinse: Rinse and rinse. You’ll want to keep rinsing with a directed sprayer until no more bubbles or suds from your cleaner
come out.

Dry: Do not place it inside a dryer.  Is better to let it air.  Neoprene dries pretty fast, so leaving it overnight hanging on your
laundry room or bathroom will dry it without damaging any of the velcros.
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A. The WaistPal was designed to hold the epi's very "tight" to ensure the injectors don't fall off nor  bounce when playing
sports.  Because it's made with a soft neoprene fabric, if you decide to also place couple of pills inside, make sure to
conform to the shape of the "Pens" and/or  pills.
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one medications carrier for each occasion
Q.  Which carriers you recommend for insulin pens.
A. T
he Legbuddy and the WaistBuddy are the most popular for carrrying insulin pens. The WaistBuddyI is great for carrying
them inside an insulin cooling pouch such as the FRIO pouch.
"Making it easier to self carry life saving medicines ON you at ALL times"
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