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Q. Which is the best case for my husband to carry his epi

The best epinephrine auto injectors cases are those that  
prominently displayed the universal emergency medical symbol
and only those that the person that needs to carry the injector will
wear on a daily basis.   What works for some people doesn't
work for others.  When a person needs to carry the epi shots 24/7
they will need more than one holder.  What works to go to play
sports might not be as comfortable to use when  going out on a
romantic date.

Q. What is different about the OmaxCare carriers?
OmaxCare carriers are all original designs and manufactured
by us. We don't take a waist pack or pencil case that was not
designed for auto injectors and just put logos and sell them as
Epipen or Auvi-q carrier.  

All of our designs are inspired by a specific need and to make it
easier to carry the epi's during different activities
  • WaistPal is great for young adults and smaller frame adults
    to be used during intense activities, playing sports, or
    wearing shorts.
  • WaistBuddy elegant leather clip on case is the most
    popular among adults and parents who need to pass along
    the responsibility of carrying their kids medications.
  • LegBuddy helps to comfortably carry and conceal up to
    two epi's on your leg.

  • Important:  Make sure to get a carrier that you can strap to
    your body or clip on to your clothing  to ensure immediate
    access. Also, the medical emergency symbol MUST be the
    main feature and prominently displayed  to ensure others
    will know where you are carrying your life saving
    medications in case of an emergency.  
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