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In January 2013 Sanofi  announced  that Auvi-Q™ (epinephrine
injection, USP) became  available in U.S. Retail pharmacies
Summary of information distributed when the announcement was
Auvi-Q is the first-and-only epinephrine auto-injector with audio and
reactions in people who are at risk for or have a history of anaphylaxis.
Auvi-Q is the first-and-only epinephrine auto-injector with audio and
The size and shape of a credit card and the thickness of a smart visual
cues for the emergency treatment of life-threatening allergic phone,
Auvi-Q is a breakthrough in epinephrine auto-injector device design
that talks patients and caregivers step-by-step through the injection

"Patient feedback was a critical component to the development
process for Auvi-Q," said Anne Whitaker, President, North America
Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi. "The availability of Auvi-Q represents an
important step forward in our continued innovation to meet the needs
of people at risk for anaphylaxis and their caregivers."
SANOFI AUVI-Q(TM)Up to six million Americans may be at risk for
anaphylaxis, although the precise incidence is unknown and likely
under-reported. While guidelines emphasize the importance of the life-
saving role of epinephrine, two large surveys  show that two-thirds of
patients and caregivers do not carry their epinephrine auto-injectors as
recommended, and nearly half worry that others will not know how to
use their or their child's epinephrine auto-injector correctly during an

Multiple studies have found an association between delay in
epinephrine administration and death from anaphylaxis. Life-
threatening allergic reactions may occur as a result of exposure to
allergens including foods such as peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish,
dairy, eggs, soy and wheat; insect stings; latex and medication, among
other allergens and causes.
Auvi-Q for kids and adults
When having an allergic reaction some have reported simple hives , while others  
These symptoms may begin within seconds, minutes or hours after exposure to the
allergen which is why epinephrine should be administered immediately and patients
and caregivers should call 911 and seek medical help.

About Sanofi:
Sanofi, a global and diversified health care leader. The company discovers,
develops and distributes therapeutic solutions focused on patients' needs. Sanofi
has core strengths in the field of health care with seven growth platforms: diabetes
solutions, human vaccines, innovative drugs, rare diseases, consumer health care,
emerging markets and animal health. Sanofi is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: SAN)
and in New York (NYSE: SNY).

Sanofi is the holding company of a consolidated group of subsidiaries and operates
in the United States as Sanofi US, also referred to as Sanofi-aventis U.S. LLC. For
more information on Sanofi US, please visit
Sanofi or call 1-800-981-2491.
recommended by doctors for carrying
two auto-injectors to ensure  adults
with food allergies, parents and seek
immediate medical treatment after
injecting the epinephrine.

Where to inject:
Auvi-Q should only be injected into
your thigh. If you accidentally inject
Auvi-Q into any other part of your body,
seek immediate medical treatment.
Epinephrine should be used with
caution if you have heart disease or
are taking certain medicines that can
cause heart-related (cardiac)

If you take other medications;
Be sure to tell your doctor all the
medicines you take, especially
medicines for asthma. Side effects
may be increased in patients with
certain medical conditions, or who
take certain medicines. These include
asthma, allergies, depression, thyroid
disease, Parkinson's disease,
diabetes, high blood pressure, and
heart disease.

Side effects:
The most common side effects may
be headache, apprehension,
nervousness, or anxiety. These side
effects go away quickly, especially if
you rest.

Talk to your health care professional to
see if Auvi-Q is right for you.*

*Source: Sanofi USA
Eric and Evan Edwards, twin brothers who suffer from life-threatening allergies, and
co-founders of Intelliject, Inc, developed Auvi-Q with a team of world class engineers
Auvi-Q has been named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and
Engineering Awards Honoree. The prestigious Innovations Design and Engineering
Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the
producer of the International CES
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