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There are lots of allergy treatment options for
seasonal and environmental allergies, but as of 2016
there is no treatment to prevent or cure food
allergies. Promising new  developments are under
medical trial and medical research continues to
increase but there is nothing you can buy off the
shelve or ask your doctor for.

Anaphylaxis Allergy
The prescription epineprhine is used as a first aid
emergency shot to help stop severe allergic  
reactions from escalating but it is not a treatment
that will cure allergies.

Allergy Medications
If you have any severe allergies to foods, coloring, or
latex always consult your doctor before buying over
the counter medications.  Many antihistamines and
decongestants could hurt more than help. For
example, when buying Benadryl, make sure to read
the labels carefully since many of the tablets contain
cassein which is a milk protein and if you have severe
allergies to milk it could trigger a severe reaction.

Medications for mild allergy symptoms such as hay
fever or hives
The most common treatment is antihistamine.  A
natural treatment to help calm the itchy allergic rash
is to apply cold compresses and many doctors
recommend hydrocortisone creams.
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