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"Have immediate access to your medicine in case of an emergency.
Carry your life saving medication ON you at ALL times" Making it Easy for people to have their emergency medicine on them at all times.
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Always read labels at home. It has been reported by many that after getting home and
didn't catch when they first check them at supermarket.

Peanut schools haven't been around for that long.
Less than ten years ago the concept of allergy free zones or peanut free schools was just a
concept that was been tested by a handful of schools. Epipen in every classrooms was simply out
of the question and trying to educate school nurses and teachers about anaphylaxis allergic
reactions was quite a challenge to say the least. Moms had to figure out ways to teach their
children how to take care of themselves and find ways to help them self carry and hide the
epinephrine auto injectors under their clothing. The good that came out of this lack of knowledge
is that most of these children continue to carry their Epipen throughout there li
ves. Therefore,
even if a school is peanut free or has an Epipen in every classroom children with anaphylaxis
allergies will benefit tremendously if they get used to carry their own medications during the early
school years.  

Teaching a toddler what they can or can't eat. At the age of two, I started taking my child to
the supermarket almost daily to help him visually learn what he could and could not eat. Learning
to read as earlier as possible was a necessity, so the summer prior to entering kindergarten we
hire a tutor to teach him how to read.  By age four, he was reading labels and could tell if it was
safe to eat the food. Explain to kids that f if there is no label or they can't read it is OK not to eat.
"Better hungry than risk your life" Parents have to understand that no matter how terrible it feels
to tell a child too stay hungry, is better to do so than to expose them to the risk of ingesting foods
that can trigger a severe anaphylaxis reaction.
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