"Have immediate access to your medicine in case of an emergency.
Carry your life saving medication ON you at ALL times"
OmaxCare.com Making it Easy for people to have their emergency medicine on them at all times.
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When looking for any kind of first aid kit or medicine carrier especially for
transporting epineprhine the color and how it looks is more important that
you might think.

We continue to test on a regular basis, how fast can someone find our
medicine carriers vs others. The winners are always the ones you wear
on your body such as the waispal and legbuddy.

Waistpal vs other regular running packs:  people and emergency
personnel will not look inside a regular running pack. Emergency
personnel will only do so after you have reach the hospital if you can't
speak and they want to notify a family member.
Our waistpal screams loud and clear "I have emergency medicines in

Many parents buy pouches for their kids that look like pencil bags or
makeup bags and
emergency personnel will not look through your
bag or purse.

Carrying your epi's inside OmaxCare products ensures that the
medications are protected and that they are within reach at all times.
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