Send a little love and fun inside this allergy
free box filled with assorted cookies,
chocolates, candies and chip that are allergy
free and don't forget to include an Epipen
carrier and/or a medical id.

1. Divvies cookies, chocolates, cookies and
cupcakes are awesome.  I usually buy them at
their online store.  Is a great gift when you are
looking for something special since they are as
good, if not better than any non allergy top
"gourmet" gift baskets All of their products are
so  delicious you will never know they are
allergy free.   

2. When on a budget:  Easy to find
supermarket cookies like Enjoy life, oreo
cookies Natural no preservatives beef and
turkey beef jerky sold at Whole Foods and
Fresh Markets are quite tasting (please note
most contain soy so read labels)

3. A  discreet comfortable and cool looking
Epipen carrier such as the WaistPal and the
LegBuddy are a favorite among kids, teens an
athletes.  The WaistPal has no plastic buckles,
style is modern, and can be easily concealed
under clothing.
diy epipen carriers and allergy free gifts
Allergy free DIY gifts and care packages
ideas  for when you just want to send a
simple but really meaningful gift!
first aid kits pouch
"Making it easier to self carry life saving medicines ON you at ALL times"
Medical Alert
epipen case and insulin pen holster legbuddy by
During a Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Teen
Summit in Virgina, teens where asked if they carry
their epinephrine and over eighty percent said that
they would love to get one of OmaxCare carriers
but they never knew our carriers existed.

One Carrier for every occasion:

The most liked epi belt sling among active kids,  
teens and athletes. Has no buckles, no itching, no
smells. Stays in place during intense activities.

Designed to be concealed under pants, holds two
auto-injectors with universal medical alert symbol
to let others know where your emergency
medications are.

An elegant leather case  that is suitable for larger
build kids and adults. Highly recommended for
parents or anyone who needs to give Epipen to
others in case on an emergency. Has become a
favorite among parents of young kids,  nurses,
coaches, and teachers.
epipen epi-pen jr waist pack
A gift that could help save a persons life!
epipen carriers value pack by omaxcare
kids epipen holder