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What about the generic Epipen?
After all the negative media coverage  about how the
sharp increase in costs during the past three years,
the company announced that they were going to offer
a "generic version".  They  said that it would be
identical to the existing product but that it will be
offer at half the price.   After some of the generic
devises were presented to the media, it was clear
that the new cheaper version will not be identical.  
Packaging and  visual instructions on the injectors
will not be the same.

How do I know if I need epinephrine?
If a doctor gave you a prescription to carry Epipen it
means you have severe allergies and high risk of
anaphylaxis attack.  

The moment you start thinking should I use the Epi
it probably means you need to do so.
Every reaction is different, and if your doctor gave
youa prescription for epinephrine auto injectors go
get it fill and talk to your pharmacist and health care
team about when and how to use them.
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What is epinephrine?
Epinephrine is also known as adrenalin or adrenaline,
and it is a medication used for the treatment of a
number of conditions including cardiac arrest. When
inhaled it helps improve severe symptoms of croup and
asthma. For emergency treatment of severe allergic
reactions to medications, bee stings, latex, and food
allergies it is administered by injecting it into a muscle

What is an Epipen?
The medication inside the Epipen by Mylan is
epinephrine. The big difference is that the company
markets the product inside an easy to use auto-injector
mechanism that visually looks like a big "Pen".   It is
much easier to use and even a young adult could self
administer it during an emergency.  It is the number one
prescribed medication for the treatment of severe
allergic reactions and the most used to help stop food
allergic reactions from quickly escalating into
anaphylactic shock.

Are there any other injectors like Epipen?
Allerject,Auvi-Q Anapen and Adrenaclick  are some of the
brand names offered by other companies. The
medication inside the different products is the same and
the only  difference is the mechanism of the injectors.

Other companies have tried to compete with Mylan by
designing smaller size auto injectors such as Sanofi who
in 2013  launched a new  injector devise that was the
size of a small cel phone. The designed was welcome by
many not only because it was easier to carry but
because when the cap was removed a recorded voice will
"talk the instructions". In the USA the product was sold
under the name AuviQ but in 2015 the company made a
recall because the mechanism needed some
improvements and over five hundred people found
themselves with no other option but to go and get the
big Epi Pen's. As of fall 2016 Sanofi hasn't made any
official announcements related to when or if they will
ever market the product again
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