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Holds first aid medications such as: two
Epinephrine  Diabetes supplies (ie, an
insulin pen, screw on needles, glucose
meter, test strips, and a lancing device),
and most auto injector devises.  

Body heat combined with high grade wet-
suit quality neoprene pocket. Proven to be
the best storage solution for temperature
sensitive medications.

Carefully crafted with soft materials that
contours to your body for all day wear.

CLEAN: No smell: easy to wash.

MEDICAL ID: Universal Medical Symbol
prominently displayed let's others know you
carry life saving medications.

Sizes: Available in three sizes. ages five and
LegBuddy Techno Black
first aid empty casess
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Children ages seven to fourteen wearing size XXS-XS  
children epipen pouch leg buddy holster
one epipen case pouch allergy legbuddy
I carry one Epipen

When at home or staying
over at a friends house I like
to wear the LegBuddy  with  
pocket facing forward on the
chin of my leg.
auviq pouch legbuddy holster
LegBuddy with Two Epipen Inside
LegBuddy with Two Auvi-Q Inside