How to Survive Spring Allergy Season
Spring is in the air and allergies become more severe.  Most Spring season allergies are
due to weeds, spores, grass and tree pollens.

During summer, warm weather drives airborne allergen levels through the roof. That
means your allergy symptoms -- the sniffling, sneezing, and itchy eyes -- are in overdrive
and apt to stay that way for months.

What can you do?
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about over the counter allergy relief medication.  If you
also have food allergies don't forget that many medications have food proteins, the most
common is whey, which is a milk protein commonly used to "bind" medication tablets.  

Websites such as WebMD are the best place to find  tips from the medical community.  
The following is a summary of the most common tips published by WebMD.
  • When choosing an over-the-counter medication look for  non-sedating antihistamine,
    such as generic Claritin, and take one every morning.
  • If your nose remains congested, add a saline nasal rinse or oral decongestant pill (if
    you don't have high blood pressure).
  • You can also take a long-acting decongestant nose spray for a few days, if

Other over-the-counter common recommendations for managing your allergies are
lozenges to soothe a sore throat, which can be irritated by postnasal drip from your runny
nose and antihistamine eye drops to relieve itchy, watery eyes.

Self carry your medications
Seasonal allergies, colds and common viruses could weaken your immune system
making the ability of your body to safeguard itself even more challenging.  If you ever got a
prescription from a doctor for epinephrine auto injectors it means you could have a severe
life threatening allergic reaction.  Don't take risks. Carry your emergency medications on
you.  The LegBuddy and WaistPal are great items for spring and summer.  Made of
neoprene high quality material, same used in many scuba diving suits.  It is water
resistant, insulates, and is fire retardant.  Check them out!
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