Snacks and cookies you can include
Send a little love  with assorted snacks and
Epipen/Auvi-Q carriers.

1. Cookies are always welcome. We love
the products made by Divvies one of the
first companies created by a mom to help
others find delicious cookies, chocolates,
and cupcakes. Sold on their online store at

2. Today is easier to find off the shelve
supermarket cookie such as; Oreo cookies
made by Keebler  (the ones in the blue
box), Back to Nature chocolate chip and/or
crispy oatmeal.

3.Quite tasty and a great snack to always
carry since they don't get easily spoiled
even when exposed to extreme
temperatures are dehydrated meats more
commonly known as beef jerky.  Look for
those that clearly state on their packaging
that they are natural  with no
preservatives. Whole foods and fresh
market always have them available or you
can  dry meat/snacks: beef, turkey or
salmon jurky sold at Whole Foods and
Fresh Markets come in a variety of flavors
(please note most dry meats contain soy so
read labels).

4. Enjoy life chocolate bars are available in
various flavors including chocolate with
rice. These are not as easy to find in
supermarkets but they are sold on the
EnjoyLife website and also at Amazon.  

5. When you need to carry emergency
medications on you at all times, the more
carriers you have the better. Our carriers
are liked by ninety nine percent of all
buyers. Why?  A  discreet and comfortable
Epipen carrier with medical alert symbol
helps reduce the stress of having to figure
out where to put your Epipen's or Insulin
Pens every time you are getting ready to
go out.  For kids and teens the WaistPal
and LegBuddy are the winners. Larger built
kids and adults favorite ones are the
LegBuddy and WaistBuddy leather case.
diy epipen carriers and allergy free gifts
Looking for a gift for someone with food allergies? Here are
some tips on how to prepare an allergy free a care package
(no nuts, peanuts, milk or eggs)
first aid kits pouch
Medical Alert
one epipen case, one epibelt, and one epipen holder by omaxcare