Free of Worries!
No need to worry
about where you
left the bag or  
purse.   Carry your
medicine ON you
at all times.
Modern Medicine
Carriers especially
created for carrying
epinephrine auto

Designed for
Today's Active
Carry life saving
medicine ON your leg
at all times.
Be 100% sure that
you will have instant
access in case of an
OmaxCare manufactures unique epinephrine
auto-injector carrier.  Also referred to as
Epipen® holder, Epipen®  pouch or carrying
case.     Designed for people who suffer
from anaphylaxis type allergies.
so they can carry their emergency medicine
ON  their leg for instant immediate access.
Why so many moms of teenagers with
food allergies create products, launch
companies, become writers?

During the 1990's when Internet was not the
information hub it is today, and it was
almost impossible to find information that
could teach parents how to take care of a
child that was allergic to foods.  

The only thing doctors clearly explained was
that if the child seemed to be having
difficulties breathing it meant that he was
having a severe reaction and that you
needed to inject the  Epipen®

OmaxCare products started after a mom
noticed that as a child starts growing up and
the baby bag was is longer needed,  the
challenge of securing that there is an Epipen
next to them at all times suddenly shouldn't
be that difficult.

The WaistBuddy case is highly recommended
for parents and adults. For parents it ensures
they are not misplaced when you have to
pass along the responsibility of carrying your
kids epinephrine. WaistPal  is a must have
for kids when they start going to school and
for teens when participating in sports.
Special thanks to all of you that have taken the
time to write about OmaxCare products.

Thank you so much for sending the leg buddy,
absolutely the
most wonderful invention!! ...Sincerely my thanks for
taking away a Mothers fear for her child's life,always
having the EpiPen is no longer a
Trochu Alberta,Canada

My 15 year old daughter is in the track and field
team ...She now wears the AsthmaPal everyday...I
no longer stop breathing when I get  a phone call
while she is training...
New York  United States

" fits her little leg.....She likes the colour too,
and it is such a nice alternative to the standard
Ottawa, ON Canada

"I am 17 years old...thanks for making such an
amazing product"
Winchester Hampshire, United Kingdom

"Your product looks to be a god send. I have been
battling with carrying this thing around for the better
part of 5 years. I constantly battle with where to
hide it discretely while wearing my business attire
and not looking like I have a terrible personal
Oregon, United States
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