Epipen belt with front and back pocket fits kids teens and adults called waistpal
Undergarment Waist Sling. The Most Popular Medicine Carrier Among Kids, Teens and Athletes with Anaphylaxis Allergies.   
Concealed:  Designed as an undergarment sling to carry life saving epi's 24/7

Fast Access:  Two compartments (one front & one back)

Discreet: Only 1.5 inches wide (3.81cm)

Soft:  Neoprene material that contours to your body for all day comfort.

No Pinch:  No plastic buckles

No itching: Comfortable  like a soft underwear that adjusts to your body figure

Waterproof neoprene good for canoing, boating, or play under rain

Fire-Retardant  an Temperature Control ,high quality neoprene materials helps matain the
temperature of the medications and is fire retardant.
Back Pocket
Check out this YouTube video. Teen shows how he uses the WaistPal™
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"WaistPal is an awesome product, it could be called a belt, but it doesn't have the uncomfortable buckles that make every belt quite difficult to wear. It's so comfortable  and  
practical that I can't believe that something like this could have made my life much easier. Thanks for making my "living with allergies" much easier than ever."
Jim C.

"I called it my Epipen band because it feels as soft as my head bands. I love that it was designed to be worn on the waist  not on  pants and because you put one Epipen in the
front pouch and the other one in the back  I can wear it with under all my clothes"
Zoe G.
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Please note  this product is waterproof and
often used when  canoing, going out on a
boat, sailing but it is not recommended  for
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Front Pocket
(7 year old boy)
best epipen carrier for kids waistpal

I am at such high risk of anaphylaxis reactions that was afraid of going out and
passing out before I could get my epipens out of my bag
After getting the LegBuddy and the Waistpal I feel more secure and starting to go
out more often.  it really changed my life"
Michelle R.
Colorado, USA
For waist  20 inches and larger. Shipped with two side straps so you can choose the fit you like.
HOW TO MEASURE: Put on pants and measure right above where the pants waist band sits, and if is at least 20 inches it fits!
best epipen jr holder waist pal undergarment belt for kids ages eight and older
epipen belt waistpal by omaxcare for anaphylaxis allergies
epipen pack carrier waistpal
Epipen Carriers with medical alert prominently displayed by OmaxCare
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WaistPal is shipped with two
side straps
1.  fits waist circumference
20 to 32 inches
2. For 32 to 38 inches use
longer straps and pockets
position will vary.
epinephrine carrier waistpal
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