For ages five and
Epipen and Auvi-Q waist sling designed by
kid and mom to comfortably carry and
concealed Epipens to school, summer
camp, outdoor activities and play sports.

  • Athletic design with two easy access
    pockets (front and back)

  • Each pocket tightly holds one auto
    injector to eliminate bouncing and allow
    full body movement.

  • Made of soft premium quality wet-suit
    neoprene material

  • Water resistant, fire retardant and
    helps maintain the temperature of the

  • Fully lined with soft stretchy fabric that
    contours to your body for all day

  • No plastic buckles, No pinching No

  • Designed to be worn under clothes to
    help discreetly carry and conceal the

  • Cool looking style so it can also be worn
    as a clothing accessory

  • Slim: Only 1.5 inches wide (3.81cm)

  • Wear it to school, summer camp,  play
    sports, run, jump and participate in all
    activities and ensure immediate access
    to your life saving medications in case
    of an emergency.

Description:   The first and only available
waist pack especially designed to carry and
conceal two Epipen or AuviQ injectors with
prominently displayed Universal Medical
Alert Symbol in color red to help first
response emergency personnel quickly
notice that you are carrying life saving

The Most Popular Epipen Carrier
Among Kids, Teens and Athletes with
Anaphylaxis Allergies.
omaxcare image
auviq holder waistpal
auviq waist pack back pocket view
epipen pouch waist pal
epipen epibelt waistpal
Front  and   back view of
teenage girl carrying two AuviQ
waistpal sideepipen waist pack
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YouTube video.
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Sizing: While wearing
pants, measure waist
circumference right
above where the belt
or pants waist/band
sits. If is at least 20
inches it fits!  Shipped
with an additional
side extension strap
to fit up to 38 inches.
first aid kits pouch