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In the case of children allergic to
foods, there is no clear answer.
Most children will not outgrow all of
their allergies and could develop
new ones as they grow older.

Each individuals immune system
responds differently when allergies
are caused by foods.  It's not
uncommon among food allergic
teens to suddenly develop new
allergies or react to a food they
thought they had outgrown. Foods
they had eaten for years could
trigger an "anaphylaxis" allergic

The large number of food allergy   
Moms who write blogs and/or have
become part of helping to "spread
the word about food allergies" in
social media as well as local FARE
moms support groups clearly
indicates that once a child has an
allergic reaction that feels "really
scary" it means they will never go

While medical  institutions are
conducting research studies to see
if food allergies go away...  Mom's
of kids born in the 1990's with  food
allergies will tell you that food
allergies will come and go, but will
never go away so even if your child
has not had a reaction in years
please make sure to teach them
and help them create the habit of
carrying their epineprhine auto
injectors on them for the rest of
their lives.
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