OMAXCARE Stylish Medicine Carriers

OmaxCare Making it easier to
self carry life saving
medications on you at all times!
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Discreet and comfortable
No Smells,  Latex Free
No plastic buckles. No Pinching. No Itching.
Wear under or over clothing
Fire Resistant &  WaterProof...

Carry and Conceal Emergency Medicines
Fits two large Epineprhine auto-injectors ...

Handsomely crafted with "Box Grain" leather
lined with soft microfiber
Go to work or out for the day..

Front & Back Pockets
Fully Lined Comfort Plus Design
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how to hide and carry epipen inside waistpal
epipen carrier and insulin pen holster legbuddy by
Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Carry the Epipen ON you at all times. and
Creating Products to Help Improve People's Life                   
All prices are in USD. © 2006 - 2015 OmaxCare™ and its affiliates.  All rights Reserved.
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Back Pocket
of WaistPal
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allergy medicine epipen case
food allergy Medical Alert
WaistPal™ SIZE: Waist
circumsference 20
inches to 32*
*Shipped with additional strap to fit up to 38 inches
LegBuddy™ Techno Black
One  medicine container for every occasion
1 WaistPal  1 WaistBuddy & 1 LegBuddy
Select LegBuddy Size
Bundle Value Pack
Regular Price $123.95
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Who designs and makes OmaxCare products?
All OmaxCare carriers are designed  and manufactured
by a family with multiple severe allergies.

Son a student, creates the concept, designs, ensures
design is comfortable and delivers what it promises to

Mom a marketing & advertising executive, works in all
areas of product development and leads the effort.

Dad, a technology executive and entrepreneur
participates in all phases as needed.  

Why was OmaxCare founded ?
You really don't know how difficult it is to self carry
medications 24/7 until you have to do so. Omaxcare
family has been carrying epinephrine auto injectors for
more than 15 years and they want to share with others
products that
make it easier to carry life saving

Why OmaxCare doen't sell more products?
Only items  the entire family  really likes and personally
uses for more than a year become part of the OmaxCare
Store product line. They don't believe in selling products
like taking an existing pencil case and just putting an
allergy alert on it.

The family personally funds all product development and
manufacturing related costs
and donates large number
of carriers. Bringing to market high quality new designs
takes longer but they are always looking for ways to
make more products available faster and help improve
people's life.

All Carriers Must be: Comfortable, High Quality,
Discreet, Stylish and most of all make it easier to keep
life saving medications within reach at all times.
mom with legbuddy epipen holder